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Deadline Extension: The deadline for Trans* Community Consultation and Outreach Committee (TCCOC) applications has been extended to Friday, September 12, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.

The Trans* Legal Needs Assessment Ontario (TLNAO) is recruiting 15 trans* people from across the province for our Trans* Community Consultation and Outreach Committee (TCCOC). We are looking for people who have knowledge of and experience with the legal needs and issues impacting our diverse trans communities The TLNAO (a project administered by HALCO with funding from Legal Aid Ontario and OHTN) will document the legal needs of trans people in Ontario as well as barriers to justice and access to legal services, and will utilize the data collected to help create positive change. The needs assessment process itself will help improve access to justice for trans* people in Ontario by creating greater awareness of legal rights and access to within trans* communities and legal service providers’ ability to address the legal needs of trans* people.

The TCCOC will make an important contribution to the project by ensuring that the project captures trans* legal needs across areas that are relevant and meaningful for the diverse trans* communities. Members of TCCOC will provide input into the design of surveys and focus groups/ workshops, promote the participation of trans* people across Ontario, and assist with the interpretation of the research results and direction of the project report. The committee will ensure that the project is directly informed by trans* Ontarians. Trans* persons living with HIV are encouraged to indicate their interest in joining a distinct advisory committee that is focused on the legal experiences of trans* people living with HIV/AIDS. A small honorarium will be provided to committee members, and travel expenses for the two planned in-person committee meetings will be covered.

The deadline for applications has been extended to September 12, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.

Download the Application Form HERE

Visit the project page HERE


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