Survivor Café at Live Cuisine Restaurant – Last Day to Register is today!


*This café specifically focuses on the experiences of women who are survivors of domestic or sexual violence and who identify as racialized, having precarious immigration status, queer or trans, Aboriginal, or living with a disability. 

We are recruiting women survivors to participate on our panel. Please forward the following link if you have service user who would like to be considered as a panelist, please have them complete this short survey by Thursday, April 10th: Survivor Cafe Panelist Survey

The Peel Committee against Woman Abuse (PCAWA) with the Peel Committee against Sexual Assault (PCSA) host their first joint café (or public forum) [see attachment]. The goal of this forum is to facilitate a discussion around the experiences marginalized* women survivors of domestic or sexual violence have had when accessing crisis support, counseling or other violence-against-women (VAW), and health care services in the Region of Peel. 

The expected outcomes of this facilitated discussion include increased capacity of women survivors to impact service provision, identification of specific barriers women face accessing services, and enhanced service provider knowledge of these barriers in order to recommend system change in Peel Region. At, and as a result of this Café, we hope to support the development of a regional survivor network so that women can engage with each other to get support, share stories, strategise, mobilize and inform system change in the future. 

Join us for an evening of invigorating discussion! Early registration of women who have accessed services, highly encouraged!                                                                                                           

  • Refreshments provided. This space is accessible: childcare, bus tickets, Transhelp, ASL, interpretation services, and counseling support available upon request.
  • Limited seats available. Please register early through Eventbrite:
  • Registration closes April 10th.

This event is funded by
the Ministry of Community and Social Services(MCSS) – Ontario Women’s Directorate (OWD)


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